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Keeping Kids Safe

Our newest unit includes articles and videos to help families protect their kids from abuse.
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Federal Policy to Include SEL

This year we took a more active advocacy role. One of our key victories was federal legislation passing the House to fund educational research and include a focus on social-emotional learning.
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Prevent Cyber Bullying Over the Holiday

Winter break is a great opportunity to teach kids how to stay safe online and be good digital citizens. Make sure they know that spreading rumors, playing pranks, or even being a bystander to cyber bullying is not okay.
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It Can Happen

Sexual abuse can happen to any child. If you think your child might be a victim, this video shows you how to help him/her feel safe enough to tell you. Then it’s critical for you to believe your child and get help.
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3 Pieces to the Classroom Pie

3 Pieces to the Classroom Pie

Positive learning environments are created. These three elements make a difference: rules and norms, peer-to-peer relationships, and student-teacher relationships.
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